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An Unacceptable Christmas

A Political Christmas Carol


The Age of Amy Complete Series

All 5 books in the series

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Bonehead Bootcamp

16-year-old Amy is unjustly sent to a boot camp for troubled teens.

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The Thumper Amendment

Amy joins a presidential campaign to get even with a grade school bully.

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Channel '63

Amy finds love through a TV that receives signals from the past.

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Behind the Fun Zone

Amy takes on Silicon Valley when device-addicted teens start disappearing.

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Mad Dogs and Makeovers

A late-night caller implicates Amy in a terrorist plot.

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About the Author

Bruce Edwards writes young-adult fiction that explores relevant subjects. Topics range from the trappings of modern technology, to the wickedness of corporate greed, to the absurdity of Washington politics. Case in point is his award-winning The Age of Amy series. States the author: "Amy looks at a troubled world and simply asks, 'Is this the best you can do?'" But Bruce's unconventional approach to storytelling doesn't come at the expense of a fun read. His stories are never short on fun, fantasy, and imagination.

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