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Nothing Up My Sleeve but Pixie Dust

How Working at Disneyland's Main Street Magic Shop Changed Everything

by Bruce Edwards


To all those who have ever been to Disneyland, you're surely familiar with Peter Pan's Flight—the Fantasyland ride that sails you over the moon, to a land where you never grow up. What you probably didn't know is that a second Never Land exists in the park, where aging is optional. It's a little treasure tucked away on Main Street U.S.A.: The Main Street Magic Shop.
   For the "lost boys" who worked there in the 1970s, fun and mischief were the orders of the day. I know, because I was privileged to be one of them. If you've ever wondered what it was like to be part of that tomfoolery, here's your chance to find out. Enjoy the view from behind the counter, as I reveal my personal account of what made that little shop so extraordinary.
   Since its opening in 1957, the shop's main attraction has been watching real magicians perform amazing tricks. But if you were lucky, you might also become the target of one of their hilarious gags. Meet those unpredictable cast members who brought laughter to spectators and victims alike. Learn the answer to burning questions, such as: How many springs can you fit in one snake can? Did you really hang rubber spiders from strings to scare people? How often did your supervisors cut them down?
   How I came to work there is a tall tale in itself. Growing up in mid-century America, kids like me were thoroughly enchanted by Walt Disney's ingenuity. His inventiveness inspired me to embark on a creative journey of my own. Little did I know that road would lead me to Walt's landmark creation. Join me as I retrace my steps from small-town dreamer to Disneyland contributor.
   For some of you, reliving these moments will rekindle fond memories. Baby Boomers will enjoy revisiting a time before smart phones and social media. All are welcome. So, grab a handful of pixie dust and come fly with me, to a world of magic and wonder. Or, as Peter Pan likes to say: "C'mon, everybody. Here we gooooo!"

   —Bruce Edwards, 2021

-- End of Excerpt --

* Arriving Christmas 2021! *

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